Old Dads 2023 movie review

The trailer for “Old Dads” was released on Thursday, and it’s precisely what America needs in the current climate.

Starring Bill Burr as the unapologetic character he likely is in real life, the story revolves around three best friends (Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine) who embrace fatherhood later in life, as described in the trailer’s synopsis. Due to their delayed decision to become parents, the three men now find themselves navigating the challenging landscape of the modern world, overrun by overly sensitive individuals, a younger generation, and all the eccentricities we’ve witnessed in the past couple of decades.

The trio must also contend with helicopter parents, and it doesn’t bode well for those of us who plan to follow in Burr’s character’s footsteps.

The movie kicks off with a brilliant scene, showing Burr dealing with a helicopter parent who subtly imparts parenting advice. When Burr dismisses the interfering parent, he quips, “So why don’t you just take this story to Twitter and play the hero?”

The habit of posting elaborate life stories on Twitter is something I dislike. It’s disheartening to see people who engage in this kind of behavior, seemingly lacking anyone in their real lives who values their opinions. It makes one wonder how lonely or attention-starved someone must be to resort to such actions.

A movie like “Old Dads” is precisely what we need to poke fun at this absurdity, as it seems these individuals won’t be stopping any time soon. Let’s hope the movie doesn’t conclude on an overly politically correct note. Instead, I hope it concludes in a manner that society should: with everyone living self-sustainably on their own homesteads. Each family produces what they need at home and trades with neighbors for everything else, freeing ourselves from the reliance on cellphones, and everyone finds true contentment.

Since Burr is also directing the movie, it makes me a bit anxious about how it might end. You can never predict whether Burr will bring humor or adopt a more politically correct stance these days.


By acinetv