Doona! 2023 series review

When college student Won-jun (played by Yang Se-Jong) moves into a shared house with retired K-pop idol Doo-na (portrayed by Bae Suzy), his curiosity about her grows.

Netflix’s upcoming romantic drama, “Doona!”, slated for release on October 20, 2023, promises to be a heartwarming tale of love, dreams, and unexpected twists of fate, blending the worlds of K-pop and college life. With Bae Suzy leading the series, the audience and fans are in for a treat.

“Doona!” revolves around the unlikely pairing of a former K-pop idol and a college freshman. When Lee Doona, who has left her glamorous life as a K-pop star, finds herself sharing a house with the enthusiastic and starstruck Lee Won-jun, sparks fly. The series takes a deep dive into their journey as they navigate the challenges of communal living and the complexities of their budding relationship.

The series features a talented ensemble cast. Suzy, renowned for her roles in “Start-Up” and “While You Were Sleeping,” as well as her real-life career as a K-pop star, authentically portrays the character of Doona. Yang Se-jong, known for his role in “Dr. Romantic,” brings the character of Won-jun to life—a young man mesmerized by his famous housemate.

Behind the camera is Lee Jung-hyo, the visionary director responsible for the immensely popular “Crash Landing On You.” With his track record of crafting compelling narratives, viewers can expect “Doona!” to be an emotionally charged and beautifully told story.

The recently unveiled trailer for “Doona!” sets the stage for the romantic roller-coaster ahead. It showcases the initial encounters between Doona and Won-jun in their shared living space, offering glimpses of the emotional highs and lows to come. Their interactions, brimming with intrigue and palpable chemistry, are certain to captivate audiences.

Adding to the anticipation, teaser posters for the series feature poignant dialogues that emphasize the profound connection between Doona and Won-jun. Lines such as “you are the one who shook me up first” and “can’t you say I’m someone you like?” suggest a love story that transcends the boundaries of their different worlds.

“Doona!” is set to be more than just another romance series; it’s a heartfelt exploration of dreams, love, and the challenges of bridging two very different worlds. With its multi-faceted characters, the series offers numerous layers for the characters to navigate and, ideally, bring together. As the premiere date approaches, fans worldwide are preparing to be swept off their feet.


By acinetv