Monster High 2023 tv movie trailer

“Monster High 2” continues the story during the sophomore year at Monster High, building upon the events of its predecessor, “Monster High,” which unfolded during their freshman year. This time, the enduring friendship between Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Frankie Stein faces an unprecedented trial as they confront larger-than-life challenges. These challenges include the arrival of new students, the discovery of new powers, and the shifting dynamics of their friendships. In addition, a looming, even greater threat emerges, one that not only threatens to fracture their friendship but also has the potential to alter the world irreversibly.

Returning to helm “Monster High 2” is Todd Holland, who both wrote and directed the first live-action Monster High film. The executive producer, Adam Bonnett, is also back on board. The initial film garnered praise from fans who commended the cast for their excellent portrayal of beloved characters. This ensemble cast returns for the sequel, and it introduces an intriguing new addition: Toralei, a spirited British were-cat who has returned after a year abroad in Scaris, France. “Monster High 2” is set to debut on Paramount+ on October 5th.

Screen Rant recently had the opportunity to chat with Director Todd Holland and Executive Producer Adam Bonnett. They shared their enthusiasm for what fans can anticipate in “Monster High 2.” Moreover, they discussed what it is about the Monster High universe that resonates so profoundly with audiences of various age groups. Additionally, they offered a tantalizing glimpse into the new song and dance numbers featured in the musical.


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