First Lady of BMF

Tonesa Welch holds the esteemed title of the First Lady within Detroit’s influential Black Mafia Family. The recent surge of interest in BMF, triggered by the airing of 50 Cent’s BMF series on Starz, has paved the way for a forthcoming biopic shedding light on Welch’s life.

Scheduled to premiere on BET+ on October 5, “First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story” is an adaptation of Welch’s true-life narrative. It meticulously unfolds her journey into Detroit’s drug scene during the 1980s, when she was lured by a charismatic drug dealer named H, promising a life filled with swift-paced glamour. Following H’s incarceration, Welch crossed paths with Terry Flenory, better known as Southwest T, a key figure within the BMF organization.

In the preview of this biopic, we witness the harrowing ordeal of Welch enduring physical abuse from her former husband, H, before she joins forces with Southwest T, ultimately rising as a formidable presence within the BMF criminal empire and eventually encountering the unforgiving grasp of the law.

Directed by Vivica A. Fox and produced under the executive guidance of Tressa Smallwood and Judge Greg Mathis, “First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story” features a stellar cast, including Michelle Mitchenor portraying Welch, alongside Tobias Truvillion, Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore, Kellie Williams, Leon, Tristin Fazekas, Faith Malonte, and Daphnique Springs.

Notably, Welch had previously been showcased on an episode of the BET+ unscripted true crime series, “American Gangster: Trap Queens.” It’s worth mentioning that on the Starz BMF series, the character MarKaisha Taylor, Terry Flenory’s girlfriend, draws inspiration from Welch and is portrayed by LaLa Anthony. Welch has expressed her dissatisfaction with the portrayal of her character on the show.


By acinetv