Love Lies Bleeding 2024 movie review

In a small-town gym in 1989 New Mexico, Lou (played by Kristen Stewart), a disillusioned employee, crosses paths with Jackie (portrayed by Katy O’Brian), an ambitious drifter aspiring to fame in Las Vegas as a bodybuilder. Their passionate romance ignites quickly, with Lou aiding Jackie’s journey by supplying her with illicit steroids.

However, Lou’s life is far from simple. Her father, local crime boss Lou Sr. (played with menacing restraint by Ed Harris), owns the local shooting range where Jackie finds work as a waitress under JJ (portrayed by Dave Franco), Lou’s sister Beth’s abusive husband. When Beth ends up hospitalized, a series of violent events unfolds, fueled by Jackie’s steroid use and complicated by the intertwining relationships.

The film adopts a Coen brothers-esque crime-thriller style, with escalating violence, cover-ups, and police interference, all against the backdrop of a desolate Glass’s America. Cinematographer Ben Fordesman captures the atmosphere of abandoned dreams and seedy locales, enhancing the raw sensuality and hopelessness of Lou and Jackie’s romance, while still maintaining a campy edge.

Stewart delivers a nuanced performance, evolving from disillusionment to determination as events unfold, while O’Brian shines as the enthusiastic yet increasingly erratic Jackie. The film’s period setting is depicted with authenticity, enriched by Clint Mansell’s evocative score that evolves alongside the narrative.

“Love Lies Bleeding” offers bold themes, compelling characters, and a relentless cinematic energy, making up for its lack of depth with its gripping storytelling. Produced in collaboration between UK and US studios A24, Lobo Films, and Escape Plan, it’s a testament to the power of collaboration in filmmaking.


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