Directors – Sagar AmbrePushkar Ojha
Writer – Sagar Ambre
Stars – Sidharth MalhotraRaashi KhannaDisha Patani

For Darshan fans, this action-packed movie is a treat, blending romance and sentiment seamlessly. Director Omprakash Rao skillfully tells the tale of an Army captain entangled in the dangerous web of politics and crime. Special recognition goes to stunt masters Palaniraj and Ravivarma for crafting thrilling action sequences that truly elevate the film.

Ram (Darshan), an Army captain, intervenes to rescue Asha (Nikhita), a college student, from a rape attempt by Minister Patil (Ashish Vidyarthi). Despite shooting the minister and causing him leg injuries, Patil manages to escape. Ram faces a court-martial for his actions and returns home to his parents.

However, Patil remains determined to eliminate Ram, and he employs the services of notorious criminals Jairaj and Kote Manja. Ram confronts and defeats both assailants, further angering the minister who sees Ram as a formidable opponent. Will Patil succeed in his mission to eliminate Ram once and for all?

Darshan delivers a stellar performance, while Nikhita’s portrayal is decent. Ashish Vidyarthi impresses with his role. The music by Hamsalekha features a few catchy tunes, enhancing the film’s appeal. Although K M Vishnuvardhan’s cinematography is serviceable, the real highlights are the gripping narrative and intense action sequences that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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