Vindication Swim 2024 movie review

Last night, I finally had the opportunity to watch “Vindication Swim,” a film that had been on my radar for quite some time. I had eagerly awaited its release due to both the intriguing storyline and my personal interest in projects centered around the relationship between individuals and water, especially wild swimmers.

Receiving an offer of a screener for the film in my inbox felt serendipitous, to say the least.

Upon viewing the trailer and reading about Mercedes Gleitze’s story, portrayed by Kirsten Callaghan, I was immediately drawn in. The promise of a deep dive into someone’s genuine connection with water, presented in a dramatic and groundbreaking manner, was compelling.

Writer and director Elliott Hasler expressed his vision for the film, stating:

“Our aim was to truly immerse the audience in the waters of the English Channel and, in doing so, pay homage to the spirit of this remarkable woman. Everything you see on screen is real, all shot without the use of tanks, green screens, or body doubles. I want audiences to feel as if they are swimming right alongside Mercedes on her incredible journey and share in her love affair with the water.”

And indeed, they achieved just that. The water scenes were undoubtedly the highlight of the movie for me, evoking a range of emotions. Yet, “Vindication Swim” offers much more than visually stunning aquatic sequences; it delves into themes of danger, darkness, and resilience.

Beyond the physical challenge of swimming the channel in 1927, the film explores the additional hurdles faced by Mercedes as the first British woman attempting such a feat, navigating the oppressive societal norms of the time.

Mercedes grapples with being undervalued in her job, experiencing unwanted advances from her boss, and encountering hostility in public spaces. Despite these obstacles, she refuses to yield, ultimately becoming the first British woman to conquer the channel in a remarkable 15-hour journey.

However, her triumph is overshadowed when another individual is suspected of fabricating a similar achievement. To vindicate herself, Mercedes embarks on another grueling swim in the harsh October weather, risking both her title and her life.

The film’s emotional and evocative conclusion left me deeply moved, particularly due to Kirsten Callaghan’s award-winning debut performance, which masterfully captures Mercedes’ journey, motivations, doubts, and vulnerabilities.

While some minor characters may have delivered more subdued performances, overall, “Vindication Swim” effectively portrays the extraordinary journey of Mercedes Gleitze, highlighting her resilience and unwavering determination amidst adversity.


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