Unlocked 2023 movie review

Unlocked is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original thriller directed by Kim Tae Joon, and the adaptation of the Japanese movie Stolen Identity. The film will be the second Korean Original movie to be released on Netflix in 2023.

So far, only three cast members have been confirmed for Unlocked.

Yim Si Wan has been cast in the role of Jun-Young. So far, Yim Si Wan has starred in two Netflix Originals. He had a guest role in an episode of Thirty-Nine and a leading role in Run On. He also starred in the popular k-drama Strangers From Hell which can be found on Netflix.

Chun Woo Hee has been cast in the role of Na Mi. The actress will be making her Netflix debut in Unlocked. She is known for her work in dramas such as Be Melodramatic, and Argon, and for starring in movies such as Rustle, Vertigo, and Waiting for Rain.

Kim Hee Won has been cast in the role of Ji Man. The actor, like his co-star, will also be making his Netflix debut in Unlocked. He has starred in lots of dramas but is mostly in supporting roles in shows such as Late Night Hospital, Gu Family Book, My Love from the Star, and Angry Mom.


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