A Sunday Affair 2023 movie review

A Sunday Affair is a Nigerian romantic comedy movie directed by Walter Taylaur starring Dakore Egbuson, Nse Ikpe-Etim and Oris Erhuero.

A Sunday Affair is a classic romantic comedy that if you are trying to seek solace in the comfort of familiarity… this might do the trick. If you are looking for something a little more novel… carry on searching.

Sentimental, not much comedy and lots of sentiment in dialogues more than in situations, which don´t have much rhythm making the thing bog down before it has even started.

Netflix is an international company and this is what we like about it. We have in recent times, had the chance to see plenty of movies from Nigeria and there are better and worse ones and this one, unfortunately, is not one of the good ones.

This romantic comedy which was created to please, slips a little too much and focuses on pleasing so much that ends up cloying and is released on Valentine`s Day. You really need to be wanting this, you need to have your home plastered with cupids and hearts to succumb to the temptation that A Sunday Affair proposes, this is a sort of stripping down of good feelings that is cloying from the very start, at least to us.

It is, however, an international film and we applaud the company for bringing us non-Hollywood movies. In this case, this is not one of the better and more ambitious ones you can find in the catalogue of the streaming channel.

A poor screenplay, with situations that don´t even seem to want to go beyond the paused rhythm of an ongoing sentimental confession that this movie is mired in.


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