The Vanishing Triangle

“The Enigmatic Enigma” stands as an outstanding contribution to the realm of riveting crime dramas, delivering an electrifying experience that keeps audiences perched on the edge of their seats. This captivating six-part Irish television series, crafted by the gifted Ivan Kavanagh, transcends the boundaries of conventional crime dramas by masterfully dramatizing real-life events from the enigmatic landscapes of 1990s Ireland, often referred to as the ‘Vanishing Triangle.’

A pivotal element that elevates “The Enigmatic Enigma” to greatness lies in its ensemble of finely etched characters, each brought to life by exceptional actors. Here’s a closer examination of some central figures:

  1. India Mullen, in the role of Lisa Wallace, embodies an investigative journalist passionately driven by her pursuit of truth and justice.
  2. Allen Leech portrays Detective David Burke, who joins forces with Lisa in their quest to unravel a series of disturbing disappearances.
  3. Adam Richardson, as Tommy Stephens, adds a compelling layer to the narrative, enriching the mystery at its core.
  4. Sarah Carroll takes on the role of Mary Burkely, infusing the series with an emotional depth that resonates deeply with viewers.
  5. Kiera Crawford’s portrayal of Rachel Burke contributes to the intricate web of relationships woven throughout the story.

What sets “The Enigmatic Enigma” apart is its suspense-laden plot, rife with mystery and intrigue from the very outset. The story commences with Lisa Wallace, an investigative writer haunted by her mother’s unsolved murder nearly two decades ago. Her relentless pursuit of the truth leads her to pen an article about her mother’s murder, attracting the attention of the elusive killer. A chilling letter arrives, adorned with gruesome crime scene photos and the revelation of a new victim, igniting a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game.

As Lisa and Detective David Burke team up to unearth the fate of Amy Reynolds, they quickly discover they’re pitted against a cunning serial killer who always seems one step ahead. The body count rises, propelling them into a race against time to prevent the next tragedy. The killer toys with Lisa’s psyche, forcing her into spine-tingling decisions regarding his victims and even face-to-face confrontations. This intensifies the suspense.

Pressing forward despite the toll on their sanity, Lisa and David find themselves entangled with the corrupt elements within the Garda. High-ranking Garda members employ blackmail to halt their investigation and expose David’s secrets, jeopardizing Lisa’s life. As they inch closer to unmasking the individual responsible for Lisa’s mother’s murder, the narrative crescendos toward a breathtaking climax.

Release Date:
“The Enigmatic Enigma” makes its debut as a Sundance Now Original, premiering with two episodes on Thursday, September 28, exclusively on Sundance Now. Subsequent episodes will be unveiled weekly, culminating in the electrifying season finale on October 26.

Where to Watch “The Enigmatic Enigma”:
In the United States, the series debuts on SundanceNow on September 28, 2023. It will also air on Virgin Media One in Ireland and Acorn TV in the United Kingdom, with the UK release date awaiting confirmation.


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