The Redeem Team

Basketball fans are in for a treat as the trailer for Netflix’s documentary “The Redeem Team” was released today. Made by the filmmakers of the widely popular documentary, “The Last Dance”, this series will focus on the 2008 U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team.

The Redeem Team could be considered one of the most stacked basketball rosters of all time. Featuring the likes of NBA giants like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the team itself had one purpose — winning the gold medal.

Born out of the disappointing loss the U.S. team faced at the 2004 Olympics, the Redeem Team was formed to seek redemption.

The documentary itself offers an interesting perspective on all the events that led to the creation of the team, along with how they fared. The documentary features input from members of the squad and the coaching staff. The series will also feature the team’s struggles as they develop chemistry with each other.

Those who watch the documentary will learn that several factors influenced the success this unit would enjoy. The series offers invaluable insight into one of the greatest basketball teams ever assembled. Even though they emerged as gold medalists at the end of it all, the nitty gritty bits of the journey make for an interesting watch.

An important aspect of this series that has fans excited are the clips featuring the late great Kobe Bryant, who was the captain of the U.S. contingent.

The documentary is due to be released on October 7. Fans are in for a treat as they learn the untold story of the U.S. men’s basketball team return to glory at the Olympics.

While the Redeem Team had one of the best rosters assembled, the team also had tremendous expectations placed upon them. Considering the depth of talent on the roster, it would be beyond shameful if they accomplished anything less than gold.

Considering the reputation the U.S. had as a superpower in basketball, their loss to Argentina in 2004 was disappointing. In this regard, the Redeem Team was almost a throwback to the 1992 Dream Team led by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. However, a roster of such talent also comes with its fair share of problems. However, the team managed to address the problems as Kobe Bryant led the star-studded roster to a successful campaign at the 2008 Olympics.


By acinetv