never seen again 2022 trailer

Paramount+ has picked up the missing person docuseries Never Seen Again for a second season, with the next debut set for Tuesday.

The series first launched in May.

The new season will examine 10 cases of individual disappearances and the families and friends looking for clues and answers.

The first episode looks at the case of Caleb Diehl, a high school senior who failed to show up for school. According to Paramount+, the investigation ended up “uncovering sinister secrets that had lain hidden for years in a small Texas town, including shocking revelations about the man who has been a pillar of the tightknit community.”

The season also will look at other cases, including the vanishing of Ashley Loring Heavy Runner, who left the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana to pursue college, and Heather Teague, a former high school cheerleader who was abducted at a country lake.

Each of the episodes begins with a family member or friend describing the last time they saw the missing person. The series also features a QR code to send in tips, call law enforcement or Crime Stoppers. Efran Films Canada produces the show for See It Now Studios.

For Efran Films Canada, Solly Granatstein is executive producer and showrunner, and executive producers are Shawn Efran, Azadeh de Leon and Jordan J. Mallari for See It Now Studios, the production company formed by Susan Zirinsky. Zirinsky and Terence Wrong are the executive producers, Aysu Saliba is the supervising producer and Adam Goldfried is the executive director.


By acinetv