The Other Zoey

Director : Sara Zandieh
Writer : Matthew Tabak
Stars : Josephine LangfordDrew StarkeyArchie Renaux

While the love triangle rom-com theme may seem a bit worn out, it never fails to captivate me. The upcoming autumn release, “The Other Zoey,” stars Josephine Langford as a college student facing the very challenging task of choosing between Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux. Frankly, I have no clue how she’ll manage it.

Setting jokes aside, “The Other Zoey” already appears to be one of the standout romantic comedies of the fall. It boasts an enticing cast and a promising complexity that makes it all the more intriguing. The film delves into themes of family, choice, desire, shattering stereotypes, and honesty, making it a must-watch for me. Here’s everything we know about the movie!

Zoey (played by Josephine Langford) is a college student with a penchant for challenging conventional notions of love and dating. She’s less than impressed by Zach (portrayed by Drew Starkey). However, things take a twist when Zach wakes up with amnesia after an accident, believing that Zoey is his girlfriend (who coincidentally shares the same name). Zoey faces the challenging task of breaking the news, especially when she crosses paths with Zach’s charismatic and intelligent cousin, Miles (played by Archie Renaux).


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