Dicks: The Musical

Director : Larry Charles
Writers : Aaron JacksonJosh Sharp
Stars : Josh SharpAaron JacksonNathan Lane

The most amusing segment of “Dicks: The Musical” discreetly creeps in at its conclusion, where the credits are intermingled with outtakes. Nathan Lane, in particular, epitomizes the essence of being a good sport. He and his co-star Megan Mullally, seasoned professionals, gracefully convey a sense of bemusement regarding their participation in a film where Lane’s character spits pre-chewed cold cuts into the gaping mouths of grotesque puppet monsters, and Mullally’s character laments that her reproductive organ has mysteriously taken flight, reminiscent of the facehugger from “Alien.”

On paper, this premise may sound intriguing, perhaps in a Troma Entertainment sort of way, and someday this musical comedy might attain cult status akin to Troma’s “Surf Nazis Must Die” or certain quirky relics that perennially surface on the fringes of pop culture.

However, for now, this A24 film from the edgy indie studio seems to be laboring excessively to join the revered ranks of exploitation classics championing trashy aesthetics.

Directed by Larry Charles (“Borat”), the film is an adaptation of a stage show originally performed by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp at the Upright Citizens Brigade in the mid-2010s. These two writers also assume the roles of the ostensibly identical twins, Trevor and Craig, who were separated following their parents’ (played by Lane and Mullally) separation. These siblings, with a blatantly exaggerated sense of heterosexuality, coincidentally find themselves employed at the same company, where they vie for the title of top salesman and the affections of their boss, Gloria (portrayed by Megan Thee Stallion, who delivers the movie’s standout musical number, “Out-Alpha the Alpha”).


By acinetv