The Loch Ness Horror

A horror film centered around the legendary Loch Ness monster, featuring the talented May Kelly? Count us in! It promises to be a delightfully campy and entertaining horror experience, tailor-made for a spooky night in with some drinks and snacks.

This brings us to the final product, “The Loch Ness Horror.”

In this cinematic world, Nessie is indeed real, though the characters in the film remain blissfully unaware of her existence until a group aboard a ill-fated ship encounters her wrath. Subsequently, a team from London is dispatched to investigate the disappearance of the ship. This group comprises some rather mercenary individuals, hinting that their motivations may not be entirely altruistic.

However, the script leaves much to be desired, with multiple elements left undefined. These include the characters’ roles in the supposed “search and rescue” mission and the portrayal of the enigmatic creature itself. “The Loch Ness Horror” struggles to convey its narrative with confidence and competence.

As a result, the film’s watchability suffers, and the actors find themselves adrift without clear direction. May Kelly, a capable performer, is unfortunately let down by the script’s shortcomings.

Furthermore, the film’s portrayal of Nessie is less than satisfactory. Not only is she seldom on screen, but her threat is also diminished by her seemingly diminutive size, despite the characters’ reactions suggesting otherwise. The decision to keep the creature hidden appears to be influenced by visual considerations, but it doesn’t justify the significant screen time given to a smaller version of the beast. Surprisingly, the visuals in the movie aren’t all that bad, especially considering its genre.

Regrettably, as “The Loch Ness Horror” progresses, it takes a turn for the worse. At a surprisingly early stage, it seems to run out of steam and begins to feel like it’s merely treading water until the finish line, resulting in an unsatisfying and unengaging conclusion.

There’s a pervasive feeling that everyone involved in the production had the potential for something greater, but it required a more compelling and imaginative storyline. Despite the presence of considerable talent, it ultimately goes to waste on a narrative that is likely to bore most viewers.


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