Pencils vs Pixels 2023 movie review

“Pencils vs. Pixels” is a captivating documentary that chronicles the evolution of animation, seamlessly transitioning from 2D to 3D, all the while maintaining a balanced perspective without showing favoritism towards either style.

Within the vast realm of entertainment mediums, animation holds a special place that resonates with many. The journey of animation is a fascinating one, encompassing the transition from the intricate art of hand-drawn 2D animation to the technological marvel of computer-generated 3D animation. “Pencils vs. Pixels” takes viewers on this remarkable journey, paying homage to both forms of the medium and avoiding any unnecessary bias.

The documentary celebrates the enchanting allure of 2D hand-drawn animation, delving into the Disney Renaissance of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which ignited an animation renaissance only to be subsequently transformed by the computer animation revolution. Ming-Na Wen lends her voice to guide us through the last few decades of animation, offering insight into the future yet to unfold.

In “Pencils vs. Pixels,” animation experts, ranging from historians to accomplished animators, share their personal anecdotes and perspectives. Notable figures such as Leonard Maltin, Kevin Smith, Pete Docter, Mark Henn, Tony Bancroft, and Seth MacFarlane offer engaging insights, making this documentary a captivating experience.

Unlike many documentaries that can be dry or monotonous, “Pencils vs. Pixels” maintains an engaging and well-paced narrative, seamlessly transitioning from one point to another. While it prominently features Disney Animation Studios, it also explores the diverse landscape of animation studios, ensuring a comprehensive view of the industry. The underlying theme is the shared passion and devotion animators and animation enthusiasts have for their craft.

The documentary underscores the significance of hand-drawn 2D animation, not just as the origin of the art form but as the foundational building block for 3D animation. Both styles coexist as complementary pieces of the animation puzzle. Throughout “Pencils vs. Pixels,” it is repeatedly emphasized that many industry professionals hope for a resurgence of 2D animation, even as the newer generation is more oriented toward 3D computer animation. The enduring love for 2D animation remains a common thread.

In essence, “Pencils vs. Pixels” is a heartfelt homage to animation. It serves as a dream come true for animation enthusiasts, keeping viewers consistently engaged and intrigued without any dull moments. The diverse lineup of participants offers a well-rounded perspective, unveiling fascinating insights that even the most ardent animation aficionados may not be aware of.

In summary, “Pencils vs. Pixels” is an affectionate tribute to the world of animation, chronicling the transition from 2D to 3D animation while kindling the hope that 2D will once again take center stage. It steadfastly avoids showing favoritism towards one style over the other.


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