The American Society of Magical Negroes 2024 movie review

It’s truly disheartening to witness a promising premise squandered. The American Society of Magical Negroes had the potential to be a sharp satire, but instead settles for mediocrity. Especially following the biting satire of American Fiction, this film feels like a missed opportunity, lacking the punch it promised.

The film barely scratches the surface of its intriguing concept, failing to expand on its basic jokes and satirical points. Instead, it meanders into a dull romantic subplot, neglecting the vibrant world it could have explored. Viewers are left waiting for the film to fulfill its potential, but it never rises to the occasion.

Artist Aren (Justice Smith) finds himself in a rut after a disappointing gallery showing, until a chance encounter with Roger (David Alan Grier) leads to an offer to join a secret society of magical black people. Initially excited by his newfound powers, Aren’s enthusiasm wanes when he’s assigned to assist Jason (Drew Tarver) at a tech company. As complications arise, including a love triangle with coworker Lizzie (An-Li Bogan), Aren begins to question the value of his powers and the society’s mission.

Justice Smith delivers a solid performance, but his character lacks agency until a sudden third-act monologue. David Alan Grier is underutilized, while An-Li Bogan shines with her charismatic presence. Unfortunately, the weak romantic subplot fails to resonate, and the supporting cast, including Nicole Byer, Rupert Friend, and Michaela Watkins, fails to leave a lasting impression.

Director Kobi Libii had a compelling premise at his disposal, but fails to fully explore it. The film offers glimpses of incisive satire, but ultimately falls short of delivering any substantial commentary. With too much focus on an unconvincing romance, the film’s ending feels unearned, leaving audiences frustrated by the missed opportunity for a truly memorable satire.


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