Tahir's House 2023 series review

“Tahir’s House” is an eagerly anticipated comedy-drama TV series scheduled for release on the Netflix OTT platform in 2023. The buzz around the show has already begun with the premiere of the “Tahir’s House” trailer on Netflix’s official YouTube channel and website, generating excitement among viewers. The official release date for “Tahir’s House” is set for September 6, 2023, offering fans a highly anticipated addition to Netflix’s content lineup.

This TV series is set to be headlined by the renowned actor Mohammed Bakhash, adding to the anticipation surrounding the show.

The premise of “Tahir’s House” revolves around the Tahir family, who find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy as their Jeddah fish store faces imminent closure. In a bid to turn their fortunes around, the Tahir family embarks on a comedic and transformative journey. They decide to harness the gardening skills of their grandmother to transition from the “surf” of the fish business to the “turf” of a burgeoning new market. This shift not only prompts a reinvention of their business but also leads to a rediscovery of their own identities. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about sacrifice, brotherhood, and the importance of family, all while navigating a series of hilarious shenanigans.

As for reviews and ratings, while the IMDb rating is yet to be determined, “Tahir’s House” is expected to make a significant impact on viewers. The show’s Rotten Tomatoes rating will also be a key indicator of its reception among audiences and critics.

To watch “Tahir’s House” online, interested viewers will need to subscribe to the Netflix OTT platform. After subscribing, they will have access to stream and download episodes of “Tahir’s House” as part of their subscription package.

With its blend of comedy, drama, and family dynamics, “Tahir’s House” promises to be an engaging and entertaining addition to Netflix’s diverse content library, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until its release.


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