Dear Child 2023 tv series review

Over the past few years, Netflix has presented several German original series, with varying degrees of success. Among these, “Dark” stands out as the most popular and remarkable. However, the latest German limited series from Netflix, titled “Dear Child,” is poised to become another success story.

“Dear Child” introduces us to Lena, who lives in complete isolation with her two children, Hannah and Jonathan, in a highly secure home. Their lives are meticulously regulated, from meal times to bedtime, and they obediently follow every command. Lena’s escape from this nightmarish existence sets the stage for a riveting story. Following a near-fatal car accident, Lena and Hannah end up in the hospital, where Lena’s parents, who have been searching for their missing daughter for nearly 13 years, arrive on the same night.

Right from the beginning, the story grips you with its intensity, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. The standout feature of “Dear Child” is the phenomenal performances delivered by the cast. Their chemistry is palpable, and they excel in expressing their emotions in a compelling manner.

The series immediately piques your curiosity, posing numerous questions without providing clear answers. Each episode leaves you craving more as you eagerly await the unfolding of mysteries. Prepare to be astonished by unexpected plot twists that continuously engage and surprise you. “Dear Child” is an experience that must be witnessed firsthand, as the impact of its revelations is truly astounding.

The level of cinematography in the series is exceptional, complemented by a meticulously crafted soundtrack. While the entire cast shines, certain individuals deserve special mention. Naila Schuberth’s portrayal of Hannah is particularly noteworthy for conveying tension and complexity, skillfully concealing the character’s enigmatic nature. Hans Löw’s portrayal of Gerd is inspiring, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of challenges, demonstrating unwavering commitment to solving the case. Haley Louise Jones delivers an outstanding performance as a strong, empowered character.

However, “Dear Child” is not without its flaws, primarily in terms of pacing. Some predictable moments are needlessly extended, and there are scenes that feel superfluous. Additionally, the finale appears somewhat rushed, which is disappointing given the extensive buildup throughout the series. Expectations for a more intricate and profound conclusion are not entirely met.

In conclusion, “Dear Child” is an exceptional series of the year, filled with agony, thrills, and mystery. The outstanding performances and nail-biting storytelling keep you thoroughly engaged. Don’t miss out on this captivating and thrilling rollercoaster ride. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.


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