Sight Unseen 2024 tv series review

In the realm of detective fiction, sidekicks have typically been known for their physical presence, offering assistance on the field. However, the concept of a remote sidekick has rarely been explored until “Sight Unseen.”

The series centers around Tess Avery, a seasoned Vancouver homicide investigator facing a sudden decline in eyesight, jeopardizing her ability to perform her duties. Enter Sunny Patel, a tech expert based in New York, employed by a company called Eyes Up. Through innovative technology, Sunny acts as Tess’s virtual guide, utilizing a micro-camera and voice assistance to aid her investigations.

“Sight Unseen” delves into the complexities of utilizing assistive technology, particularly for the visually impaired, while also delving into moral quandaries and strategic challenges faced by its protagonist. Tess’s struggle to conceal her vision loss adds layers of tension, as she grapples with maintaining her professional image and independence.

The series presents a high-concept premise, exploring the dynamic between Tess and Sunny in an online partnership. While the initial episodes set up intriguing storylines, questions arise about the sustainability of Tess’s secrecy and the long-term viability of the concept. Yet, amidst the rushed premiere and overstuffed narrative, there lies the potential for a compelling network TV detective drama, reminiscent of beloved series like “Murdoch Mysteries” and various adaptations of “Sherlock Holmes.”

In essence, “Sight Unseen” offers a captivating detective narrative with a unique Canadian backdrop, set and filmed in Vancouver. With its engaging cast and distinctive premise, the series stands out in the genre, possessing the momentum to deliver a promising debut season that’s well worth exploring.


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