She's Obsessed with My Husband 2024 movie review

This film resonates with anyone who experienced high school romance firsthand (provided, of course, you were in high school at the time). Violet and Garrett were once the epitome of young love, with boundless possibilities stretching before them. But as life unfolded after graduation, their paths diverged. Now, two decades later, Violet finds herself on the move again. But this time, instead of searching for the perfect school district, she’s on a quest to find Garrett—the object of her long-standing crush turned obsession.

Convinced that destiny has intertwined their fates, Violet disregards the fact that Garrett is now happily married. Her relentless pursuit of love at any cost sets off a chain of events that unravels not only Garrett’s life but also that of his unsuspecting wife.

Alissa’s breakthrough came with her role in ‘Cockpit’ (2020), portraying the estranged wife of notorious womanizer Zac Lutz. Since then, she’s graced screens in ‘The Family Business’ and landed roles in ‘Killer at the School Gates’, ‘How to Live Your Best Death’, and ‘Look Who’s Stalking’. Fans can anticipate her appearance in the upcoming short film ‘The Remnant: Populus Piratica’.

Matthew made waves in the early stages of his career with standout performances in shorts like ‘The Life Walk’, ‘Recalculating’, and ‘Color of War’. His career soared after starring in the acclaimed ‘Desperate Sessions’ (2015). Subsequent roles in ‘Court of Appeals’, ‘Deadliest Switch’, and ‘My Daughter’s Ransom’, along with appearances in TV series like the rebooted ‘Quantum Leap’, ‘Reno 911!’, and ‘Fantasy Island’, solidified his reputation. Viewers can look forward to seeing him in ‘Chocolate Is Not Better Than Sex’, alongside Mindy Robinson.

Aryè’s star ascended in Brazil before she gained recognition stateside with her role in the 2015 miniseries ‘The Other Client List’, opposite Briana Hansen. Following appearances in lesser-known TV shows like ‘Betrayed’, ‘A Day in LA’, and ‘Family Time’, she landed a role in the popular Brazilian Netflix series ‘The Mechanism’. Her performances in ‘Invisible City’ and ‘Rio Connection’ further solidified her status as a screen luminary. Fans, along with ornithologists, can catch her next in the movie ‘Catharsis’.

If you’re looking to stream ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ without cable, your best bet is to explore live TV streaming services. Philo is a popular choice for its affordability and reliability, offering access to the Lifetime Network and LMN, where the movie airs. For those willing to splurge, YouTube TV and DirecTV’s ‘Ultimate Package’ offer extensive channel options. Alternatively, you can bypass traditional TV and opt for the on-demand streaming service Lifetime Movie Club for direct access to the film.


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