Altered Reality 2024 movie review

Oliver’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is bestowed with a groundbreaking medication in the captivating narrative, “Altered Reality.” This tale of decisions and redemption delves into themes of wealth, shady dealings, and the reshaping of past and present.

“Some people perceive time as a linear path… they couldn’t be more mistaken…” K Street Pictures presents the official trailer for the indie psychological thriller, “Altered Reality,” helmed by filmmaker and cinematographer, Don E. FauntLeRoy. Despite boasting an intriguing ensemble cast, the trailer fails to impress, echoing tropes reminiscent of the film “Limitless.” Oliver’s existence undergoes a radical transformation upon receiving a revolutionary drug not yet known to the world. As he navigates newfound riches, questionable agreements, and a blurred line between reality and illusion, his journey becomes a gripping exploration of redemption and the consequences of choice.

Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy and penned by Charles Agron, who also produces and stars in the film, “Altered Reality” features Tobin Bell, Charles Agron, Alyona Khmara, and Krista Dane Hoffman, alongside Edward Asner and Lance Henriksen. Despite some technical flaws in the trailer, deciphering the intricate plot remains challenging.

When Oliver Cook (portrayed by Charles Agron) encounters the enigmatic caretaker Jack (played by Lance Henriksen) at Spring Manor, he is confronted with an impossible proposition, which he adamantly rejects. However, Jack vanishes, leaving behind a miraculous substance yet to be discovered. Oliver, with the assistance of a newfound business ally (Tobin Bell), ventures into manufacturing these pills, resulting in newfound affluence. Yet, his prosperity is short-lived when his daughter mysteriously vanishes. Desperate to revert to his former life, Oliver grapples with the irreversible consequences of his Faustian bargain. Or does he?

Directed by seasoned cinematographer and filmmaker Don E. FauntLeRoy, known for his works such as “Gates of Darkness” and “Seven Days of Grace,” and scripted by Charles Agron, “Altered Reality” is produced by Armand Gazarian and Agron. Although yet to premiere at festivals or elsewhere, K Street Pictures is set to unveil FauntLeRoy’s “Altered Reality” in select US theaters on February 16th, 2024. Will audiences be intrigued?


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