Ready, Set, Love 2024 tv series review

Can love be found through a “simple” game? Netflix’s upcoming Thai romantic comedy “Ready, Set, Love” ventures into this intriguing premise, set in a surreal world where men are scarce commodities. In a society where women outnumber men significantly, a government-sponsored game show called “Ready, Set, Love” becomes the avenue for women to compete for the affection of the few available men.

The trailer unveils a world grappling with an unusual epidemic that diminishes the male population. As the scarcity of men becomes apparent, the government steps in to care for them as “national treasures,” and any woman desiring their attention must participate in the game show.

Enter Day (played by Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh), an ordinary woman thrust into the competition unexpectedly. Initially uninterested, Day’s journey intertwines with Son, one of the most sought-after men on the show, leading to unexpected sparks. However, beneath the colorful facade of the game show lies hidden truths that could pose a threat to both their budding romance and the world they inhabit.

The cast, led by Paladesh as Day and Pongtiwat “Blue” Tangwancharoen as Son, promises an engaging romantic comedy experience. Directed by Yanyong Kuruangkura, known for his work in the genre, “Ready, Set, Love” explores themes of love, scarcity, and the unexpected twists of fate in a six-episode series.

As viewers anticipate a journey where love takes center stage in unconventional ways, “Ready, Set, Love” offers a whimsical exploration of romance in a world where finding a partner is anything but simple. Stay tuned for its release on Netflix.’


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