Let's Get Divorced 2023 tv series review

Netflix is expanding its repertoire of Japanese original shows, offering exciting new stories for J-drama fans. Following the success of Alice in Borderland, the streaming platform has announced an intriguing mini-series for viewers to anticipate.

Let’s Get Divorced, the upcoming J-drama, delves into the lives of a seemingly happily married couple who find themselves bound together by societal expectations and the need to maintain their public image. However, they devise an elaborate plan to separate without enduring any losses in the process.

If you’re eagerly following this series, you may be wondering about the release dates of its episodes. Well, wonder no more! Let’s Get Divorced revolves around Shoji Taishi, a third-generation lawmaker hailing from a political family, who has led a sheltered life. He is a womanizer and lacks intellectual prowess. Taishi’s wife, Kurosawa Yui, is an actress who gained fame from a drama series. The couple has been married for five years and pretends to be happily married for the sake of their careers and public image.

However, their marriage has already crumbled, as Taishi and Yui rarely engage in meaningful conversation, except when live streaming on social media for Yui’s fans. They hardly spend time together at home and, due to their differences, have grown disillusioned with their relationship.

While societal and contractual pressures prevent them from divorcing immediately, the couple is left with no choice but to join forces with the unwavering goal of obtaining a divorce.

Where Can I Watch Let’s Get Divorced? Let’s Get Divorced is a Netflix Original and will be available for streaming worldwide with a relevant subscription. The show will be accompanied by English subtitles and subtitles in various other languages. Additionally, it will have English and other language dubs.

Let’s Get Divorced Release Date All episodes of Netflix’s Let’s Get Divorced will be released on Thursday, June 22nd, at 12:00 am (JST) / Wednesday at 11:00 pm (ET) / 8 am (GMT). Please note that international release times may vary, but you can expect the show to be available with the aforementioned subtitles and dubs upon release.

How Many Episodes Will Let’s Get Divorced Have? Let’s Get Divorced, as a Netflix Original, will consist of 10 episodes in its first season. The entire season will be released at once, and each episode is expected to have a runtime of approximately 50 minutes.

Is There a Trailer for Let’s Get Divorced? Certainly! Below, you can find the trailer for Let’s Get Divorced Season 1


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