Glamorous 2023 tv series

Glamorous, an upcoming comedy and drama TV series directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and Jordon Nardino, is set to captivate audiences in 2023. The show stars Kim Cattrall, Miss Benny, and Jade Payton, and promises to deliver a delightful blend of entertainment. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about the star-studded cast, exciting photos, reviews, and much more.

Joining the talented leads are an impressive ensemble of actors, including Graham Parkhurst, Damian Terriquez, Matt Rogers, Ricardo Chavira, Michael Hsu Rosen, Ayesha Harris, Zane Phillips, Joel Kim Booster, Brock Ciarlelli, Andrew Rotilio, Meher Pavri, Monét X Change, Sukhman Gill, Aldrin Bundoc, Laila Kharouba, and many others, who will bring their skills to the supporting roles in this captivating TV series.

The storyline follows Marco Mejia (played by Miss Benny), a young gender non-conforming queer individual whose life appears to be in a slump until he seizes an opportunity to work for the renowned cosmetics artist Madolyn Addison (portrayed by Kim Cattrall). This job becomes a turning point for Marco as he embarks on a journey to discover his true self, pursue his aspirations, and understand the profound meaning of being queer.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the professional world and the challenges in his relationships, Marco, an aspiring influencer, takes on a dream position with a prominent makeup mogul. This sets him on a sparkling path of self-exploration and personal growth.

Glamorous TV Series 2023 is slated to release on Netflix on June 22, 2023. Prepare to indulge in this enchanting series where you can immerse yourself in your favorite movies and TV shows.


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