Infiesto is a Spanish thriller upcoming movie and it’s set to stream on Netflix on 3 February 2023. The cast of Netflix Movie Infiesto 2023 Wiki, Review, Release Date. Infiesto is a Netflix crime thriller movie and it’s scheduled to stream on Netflix on 3 February 2023 in English and Spanish language. Infiesto movie is directed by Patxi Amezcua and where the story is also written by him, Patxi Amezcua.

The story and theme of this movie are based on the Detective’s life. The story starts with the dead woman found at the mining place. Yes in this movie you will watch the story of the mining place where a woman was left to die but suddenly her body appeared while mining. The workers called detectives to investigate the body of the woman how she died or if it was a murder. The two detectives started to find the clue to that woman’s body in the last they found was that is the murder.

The movie is based on the investigation of the dead body. Two detectives are called to a small mining town in the Asturian mountains where a young woman who had been left for dead for months has suddenly appeared. And it was very shocking news for that place and the many people involved in that murder. If you like to watch crime thriller movies then it will be the best option for you. You can watch this movie on Netflix.


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