Knock at the Cabin 2023 movie

M Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller Knock at the Cabin has received very positive first reactions.

The new movie, which screened last night (January 25), is based on the 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World, and sees a family of three vacationing in a remote cabin taken hostage by a group of strangers.

However, instead of a ransom, the kidnappers demand that they sacrifice one of their own to prevent the apocalypse.

Going by the first social media reactions from critics, Shyamalan has crafted a winner, with Digital Spy’s own Ian Sandwell calling it a “a taut, propulsive thriller that keeps you guessing and maintains the tension across its tight runtime”.

“Dave Bautista is the standout, both affecting and terrifying,” he added. “Some changes to the novel could prove divisive though.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Brian Davids described the movie as “the work of a true artist”, adding: “It’s one of the best films of M. Night Shyamalan’s career, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it the last 10 days.”

Echoing that sentiment, critic Michael Nordine suggested it was the director’s “best movie in damn near 20 years”, going on to praise Bautista, who he says “is always great but I don’t think he’s ever been as perfectly cast as he is here – one scene in particular (you’ll know it when you see it) is legit spine-tingling”.

“KNOCK AT THE CABIN is really great. Dave Bautista is outstanding and M. Night is at his best here,” added Uproxx’s Mike Ryan.

“Knock At The Cabin floored me – Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff’s chemistry is gorgeous to see on screen, not a second wasted with emotional punches, heart-racing suspense and Dave Bautista being just incredible!!” wrote PinkNews’ Asyia Iftikhar.

Insider’s Jason Guerrasio suggested the movie is “dark as f**k”, writing: “It’s Dave Bautista’s statement movie. Love his progression as an actor and he proves here he’s the real deal. But MY GOD is this movie dark!”

Alyssa Vidales said that the movie “hits the ground running & doesn’t lose stamina” and “felt short, in a good way! A testament to focus & interesting characters.”

However, Reece Beaumont suggested that Knock at the Cabin was “nowhere near Night’s best work” though the “best we have seen from him in years. Dave Bautista & the cinematography are stand outs”.

Total Film’s Matt Maytum also admitted he had “a few qualms” with the movie, though said it “is the Shyamalan I’ve enjoyed most for a long time”.

“Intriguing premise, great performances (particularly Dave Bautista and Ben Aldridge), enjoyably straightforward execution. A good time,” he added.


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