Director : Erik Bernard
Writers : Elisa ManziniSara Sometti Michaels
Stars : Eliza TaylorBob MorleySeth Michaels

This latest home invasion themed movie begins like a made-for-tv feature, but as it flows through the course of events, begins to become entrenched in a more complex and compelling storyline. Part of the draw is through Eliza Taylor’s (The 100) performance of Julie, ebbing with initial frailty through to a broken mind, questioning all her surroundings both physical and mental.

Julie is an emerging painter who struggles balancing her artistic passion and rise in interest with her family. She has a growing anxiety that consumes her and it is when her sister is killed, Julie’s world spirals.

Her marriage is drifting to the state of separation but Julie is bound by her insecurity and need for ‘normality’, so agrees to move into her husband’s (Bob Morley) tech wiz home, isolated from the outside world. It is within these walls that Julie’s fears become paramount, relying on drugs and alcohol as a band-aid to her ailment.

When her husband leaves for 5 days on business, against their doctor’s (Bryan Batt) wishes, Julie is thrown further into paranoia, consumed further by wild dreams and an adamant belief that someone keeps breaking into her home.

Is there more to these delusions? Is her life really in danger? If so, who is behind it all? There are plenty of suspects: Her husband? The mysterious tech guy? Or the mailman? Either way, she becomes more dependent on the computerised Artificial Intelligence system of the homestead named Hera, in the vein of Demon Seed’s Proteus.


By acinetv