Double Life 2023 review

In my opinion, the two of us can solve his disappearance faster than the police. Canadian filmmaker Martin Wood has released an official trailer for Double Life, a mystery thriller that seems to be just another forgettable film thrown onto VOD as mindless entertainment. The plot follows a widow who discovers that her husband’s death was not an accident, with the help of his mistress. Together, they will join forces to uncover the truth behind his murder and expose the man they both loved, ultimately leading them into deep trouble. The cast includes Javicia Leslie, Pascale Hutton, Vincent Gale, John Cassini, Aaron Douglas, and Niall Matter. Unfortunately, the trailer appears to be quite predictable and cliche, and the twist is unlikely to be memorable.

Double Life, directed by Canadian filmmaker Martin Wood, tells the story of a grieving widow, played by Pascale Hutton, who discovers from her husband’s mistress that his death was not an accident. The two women, despite their unlikely alliance, come together to uncover the truth about his murder and expose the man they both loved. The screenplay was written by Michael Hurst and produced by John MacCarthy. Although the film has not premiered at any festivals, it will be released by Paramount on May 5th, 2023, in select US theaters and on VOD. Are you interested in watching this thrilling tale of murder and intrigue?


By acinetv