Gigolò per caso 2023 tv series trailer

Alfonso (played by Sermonti) has always grappled with a challenging relationship with his father (portrayed by De Sica). However, when his father falls ill, Alfonso uncovers a long-kept secret about his dad’s true profession as a gigolò. Amid a crisis with his wife (Angiolini) and facing financial struggles, Alfonso decides to upend his life by following in his father’s unconventional footsteps. This unexpected turn leads him to discover a completely new version of himself.

Pietro Sermonti and Christian De Sica take the lead in this remarkable ensemble cast featured in the Italian Original comedy series. Joining them are Ambra Angiolini, Frank Matano, Asia Argento, Claudio Gregori (Greg), Antonio Bannò, Francesco Bruni, Giorgia Arena, along with Marco Messeri, Sandra Milo, and Stefania Sandrelli. The six-episode series also boasts special guest stars Gloria Guida, Isabella Ferrari, and Virginia Raffaele.

Co-produced by Amazon MGM Studios, with Mattia Guerra, Stefano Massenzi, and Andrea Occhipinti for Lucky Red, “Gigolò per caso” is skillfully directed by Eros Puglielli. This intriguing comedy promises a unique exploration of family dynamics, self-discovery, and the unexpected twists that life can bring, all against the backdrop of the gigolo profession.


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