Diarra from Detroit 2024 tv series review

“Diarra from Detroit” is a witty and captivating mystery dramedy featuring a sharp-witted and irreverent sleuth that will keep you laughing one moment and on the edge of your seat the next. Produced by Kenya Barris, the creator of black-ish, and BET Studios, this eight-episode series premieres on Thursday, March 21 on BET+ (with the first three episodes dropping on premiere day, followed by weekly releases on subsequent Thursdays for the remaining five episodes).

Following his move from Netflix to BET in 2021, Barris expressed his desire to create bold and upfront content, and “Diarra” delivers exactly that.

Diarra, portrayed by Diarra Kilpatrick, who also serves as the series’ creator, is a schoolteacher who returns to her Detroit neighborhood amidst a divorce. Still grappling with emotions over her ex (played by Morris Chestnut), it’s uncertain whether she’s deeply embarrassed or genuinely heartbroken. Seeking distraction from her failed marriage, Diarra reluctantly ventures into the world of online dating through Tinder, only to be ghosted by her first match. Or so she thinks.

Convinced that her disappearing suitor had genuine interest and plans for a second date, Diarra refuses to accept his sudden absence. While her friends dismiss her optimism, Diarra’s detective instincts kick in when she discovers a tied-up man in her date’s apartment.

Diarra’s blend of street smarts, intellect, and naivete makes her a compelling character worth rooting for. Kilpatrick skillfully portrays her range of emotions, from late-night introspection to managing rowdy students, and even navigating perilous situations with a childhood friend.

While some scenes may lean towards broad humor and perpetuate stereotypes, and Diarra’s social circle comprises familiar archetypes, Kilpatrick’s portrayal of the titular character as “extra” makes the series a must-watch.


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