Chicken Run

Fans eagerly anticipating the sequel to the beloved Chicken Run can rejoice as Aardman’s “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” is set to premiere on Netflix on December 15, marking a return to the clay-animated world after 23 years.

Martha Kelly takes on the title role in this Aardman production, a studio renowned for its stop-motion, clay animation, and cheeky British humor, with notable works including Wallace and Gromit and Shaun The Sheep. While the original Chicken Run was a spoof of “The Great Escape,” “Dawn of the Nugget” takes a Bond-style heist approach with a touch of “The Truman Show’s” satire.

Director Sam Fell describes the sequel as a “Chicken Impossible,” a comic twist featuring Babs and Bunty as the most unlikely action heroes, replacing the usual Tom Cruise. The storyline revolves around extinction looming due to a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth. As people indulge in their wildest dreams, the reserved and uncomfortable Carol finds herself isolated amid the hedonistic masses.

The prolonged wait for the sequel is attributed to Aardman’s meticulous approach to clay animation. For crowd scenes, over 800 chicken wings were crafted, and more than 150,000 feathers were hand-painted. Each clay puppet boasts 14 mouths for expressive animation.

Fell addresses the slower pace of production, playfully referring to Aardman as part of the “slow film movement.” Despite incorporating some CGI elements, “Dawn of the Nugget” maintains Aardman’s trademark stop-motion, clay animation. The recent closure of the English factory supplying Aardman’s clay sparked rumors of a clay shortage, but Fell assures that they have secured a sufficient supply for the next five years and are working on a clay recipe for the future.

The sequel explores the challenges faced by the heroic chickens as they attempt to rescue their flock from a chicken factory. While an early draft depicted a grim prison-like setting, the filmmakers opted for a quirky, brightly colored “Fun-Land Farms,” drawing inspiration from “The Truman Show” to create an intentionally unreal atmosphere.

With Aardman recently becoming an employee-owned company, co-founder Peter Lord emphasized the preservation of the studio’s unique identity, eschewing the prospect of selling to a media giant for financial gain. “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” promises to captivate audiences with its charming animation, witty storytelling, and a nostalgic return to the delightful world of Aardman.


By acinetv