Carol & The End of the World 2023 tv mini series review

Netflix has unveiled the voice cast for “Carol & the End of the World,” an upcoming adult animated series created by Dan Guterman set to premiere on December 15.

Taking on the titular role is Martha Kelly, widely recognized for her performance in the FX comedy “Baskets” as Martha Brooks, the friend of Chip Baskets (Zach Galifianakis). In 2022, she earned an Emmy nomination for her guest-starring role as drug dealer Laurie in HBO’s “Euphoria.” Kelly’s impressive portfolio also includes notable credits in “Gaslit” on Starz, “Hacks” on Max, and “The Great North” on Fox.

“Carol & the End Of The World” unfolds in a world where extinction looms due to a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth. As people embrace their wildest dreams in the face of impending doom, Carol, a reserved and perennially uncomfortable woman, stands alone, adrift amidst the hedonistic masses.

Dan Guterman, known for his contributions to “The Colbert Report,” “Community,” and “Rick and Morty,” describes the series as a “love letter to routine” and an exploration of the comforts found in monotony. The animated and existential comedy delves into the daily rituals that fill the gaps shaping one’s life.

Executive producing alongside Guterman is Donick Cary, with Kevin Arrieta serving as co-executive producer. The animation is produced by Bardel Entertainment Inc., promising a unique and entertaining take on the impending apocalypse and the individual pursuits that define our lives.


By acinetv