Bucchigiri?! 2024 tv series review

As the winter 2024 anime season approaches its conclusion, one of the highly anticipated series is MAPPA’s action-comedy, Bucchigiri?! Directed by Hiroko Utsumi and scripted by Taku Kishimoto, known for his work on Blue Lock, this original anime promises to introduce a fresh set of characters inspired by Middle Eastern folklore, specifically drawing inspiration from The Arabian Nights. Here’s a preview ahead of its mid-January release:

Bucchigiri?! has been a topic of anticipation since its announcement, with the first episode scheduled for release on Saturday, January 13, at 11:00 pm JST. For viewers in other time zones, the anime will premiere at 6:00 am PST, 9:00 am EST, and 2:00 pm GMT.

Where to Watch Bucchigiri?!
Japanese audiences can catch Bucchigiri Episode 1 on local networks like TV TOKYO. For international viewers, Crunchyroll will stream the premiere approximately an hour after its official broadcast in Japan.

What is Bucchigiri?! About?
MAPPA’s upcoming anime blends action and comedy with mythical references. According to the IMDb synopsis, “Araji Tomobishi gets caught up in battles among powerful individuals after reuniting with his former friend Mataka Asamine. Meanwhile, the shadow of a colossal demon appears…?!” Anime News Networks describes it as, “Arajin Tomoshibi’s reunion with his old pal Matakara Asamine takes an unexpected turn when they stumble into a brawl with the toughest guys in town. And just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, a colossal genie decides to drop in.”

Creators, Cast, and Crew of Bucchigiri?!
Working alongside Utsumi and Kishimoto is Japanese composer Michiru Oshima, responsible for the series’ soundtrack. Character design and development are handled by Takahiro Kagami. The series is licensed by Crunchyroll, and the theme song, titled “Sesame,” is performed by Kroi.

The cast of Bucchigiri?! includes characters voiced by Genki Okawa (Arajin Tomoshibi), Masafumi Kobatake (Senya), Anna Nagase (Mahoro), Yūsuke Hoshino (Matakara Asamine), Jiro Saito (Kenichiro), Yukihiro Nozuyama (Zabu), Kappei Yamaguchi (Komao), Nozomu Sasaki (Marito), Ryōta Takeuchi (Outa), Makoto Furukawa (Jabashiri), Shouta Hayama (Hagure), and Chihiro Suzuki (Akutaro).


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