The Trust A Game of Greed

Building on the immense success of Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix has recently introduced another captivating gem to its reality programming lineup. The Trust: A Game of Greed is the newest gameshow to label itself as a “social experiment,” offering participants the opportunity to claim a substantial cash prize, provided they are willing to embrace ruthlessness.

The show’s official synopsis explains the unique twist: “Instead of battling each week to progress towards the reward, contestants are presented with the winnings right from the start. The real intrigue lies in what unfolds next and how they opt to distribute the money among themselves — a scenario that can get intriguing, if not downright cutthroat. In this social experiment, the players hold their destinies in their hands, with no obligation for anyone to face defeat.”

Hosted by Brooke Baldwin, The Trust Season 1 comprises eight episodes, chronicling the experiences of 11 strangers living together, forming alliances, and devising reasons to vote each other out, regardless of their validity. The cutthroat premise of The Trust is certain to captivate Squid Game enthusiasts, while the element of anonymously voting out fellow contestants echoes another reality gameshow hit from last year, The Traitors.

How many episodes make up The Trust Season 1?
Season 1 consists of eight episodes, with the initial four already accessible for viewing on Netflix. The remaining four episodes of the first season will be released on the streaming platform over two weeks: Episodes 5 to 7 are set to debut on Wednesday, January 17, leading up to the season finale, Episode 8, on Wednesday, January 24.


By acinetv