Behind Your Touch 2023 tv series review

Bong Ye-boon possesses an extraordinary psychic ability in her role as a veterinarian in a quaint town. Her unique talent involves gaining insights about individuals and animals through a peculiar method—touching their posterior. Her tranquil existence takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of Detective Moon Jang-Yeol, who has been demoted to the local crime office and is determined to regain his previous position in the bustling city. He exploits Ye-boon’s power to crack cases and hasten his return to Seoul. Amidst these events, another individual catches Ye-boon’s attention: Kim Sun-woo.

The title “Behind Your Touch” appears to carry a delightful dual significance, setting the stage for a blend of comedy and mystery. This drama holds the promise of delivering both amusement and intrigue.

Without further delay, here is a comprehensive overview of Episode 1 of “Behind Your Touch,” encompassing its release date, airing time, and available viewing platforms.

Where Can I Stream “Behind Your Touch”? This fresh romantic-comedy crime series can be enjoyed on Netflix in specific regions, as well as on JTBC, a prominent Korean network.

As per Netflix’s standard practice, suitable subtitles corresponding to the viewer’s region should be provided.

Release Date of “Behind Your Touch” Episode 1 The premiere of Episode 1 of “Behind Your Touch” is set for Saturday, August 12th, at 10:30 pm (KST) / 1:30 pm (GMT) / 9:30 am (ET).

How Many Episodes Will “Behind Your Touch” Feature? “Behind Your Touch” will span across 16 episodes, with each installment expected to have a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.


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