Dragonkeeper, an upcoming animated film in English, boasts a star-studded cast including Bill Nighy, Brendan Coyle, and Anthony Howell. The visionary behind its direction is Salvador Simó. The film has been granted a “U/A” certification by the central board of film certification. This article unveils the platform set to host Dragonkeeper, encompassing its digital streaming rights, OTT release date, and satellite rights for television broadcast.

Dragonkeeper, a cinematic gem, is slated for a release in both English and Chinese languages in the United States. The movie is a collaborative effort brought to life by China Film Animation, Guardián De Dragones A.I.E., and Atresmedia Cine. According to the esteemed IMDb, audiences will soon critique and rate this cinematic creation on a scale of 1 to 10. Anticipation is high, with an estimated 60% of viewers expected to find favor with the film.

Mark your calendars for August 10, 2023, as Dragonkeeper’s release date in theaters across the United States. The film’s musical backdrop has been masterfully composed by Arturo Cardelús. Furthermore, the digital realm is set to embrace Dragonkeeper, as the OTT platform is poised to secure streaming rights. For those eagerly awaiting the chance to watch the film online, official details about the platform and release date are provided below.

Adapted from the titular novel by Carole Wilkinson, Dragonkeeper transports audiences to ancient China, a time when dragons are on the brink of extinction due to relentless hunting. The narrative follows the journey of Ping, a young slave girl, and Long Danzi, an ancient dragon. Their mission is to safeguard the last dragon egg by embarking on a perilous odyssey across the vast expanse of China.

Throughout their adventure, Ping and Long Danzi face formidable challenges, including the menacing warlord General Zhang, who harbors intentions of claiming the dragon egg for himself. To truly become a Dragonkeeper, Ping must overcome not only external threats but also her inner fears and uncertainties.

The wide array of films offered by the OTT platform caters to diverse preferences. For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate destination to experience Dragonkeeper and more, this article serves as your compass. Stay tuned for updates on the official OTT platform, soon to be unveiled, along with the imminent release of promotional content. Filmmakers are poised to share official announcements, ensuring a plethora of cinematic options to indulge in on the OTT Platform.


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