Ballerina 2023 movie trailer

“Ballerina” features Jeon Jong-seo, known for her role in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” in the lead as Ok-ju, a former bodyguard who embarks on a path of vengeance following the tragic loss of a friend. Joining her in the cast are her “Money Heist: Korea” co-star Kim Ji-hoon and actress Park Yu-rim from “Miraculous Brothers.”

The teaser for the film opens with Ok-ju reflecting on her friendship with Min-hee (played by Park), saying, “There’s something I need to do,” hinting at her quest for retribution. She cryptically adds, “Something like hunting,” as scenes of ballerinas gracefully dancing flash across the screen.

Subsequently, the teaser unveils a gripping moment where Ok-ju stands in an elevator, her attire stained with blood, ominously demanding, “I’m only going to ask once. Where is that bastard?”

The teaser for “Ballerina” tantalizingly previews intense fight sequences, with Ok-ju determinedly declaring, “I’ll hunt you all the way to hell.”

Mark your calendars for the premiere of “Ballerina” on October 6, exclusively on Netflix. Simultaneously, the film will grace the 28th Busan International Film Festival, running from October 4 to October 13 at the Busan Cinema Center.


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