Akuma Kun 2023 tv series review

Embark on a journey into a realm of demons and magic as Netflix unveils its latest anime, Akuma Kun. From the official release date to key visuals, here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about this highly anticipated series.

Adapted from Shigeru Mizuki’s classic 1960s manga, renowned for the award-winning GeGeGe no Kitaro, Akuma Kun has already established itself as a beloved favorite in the anime realm. With multiple manga versions, an RPG, a live-action TV show, two movies, and an anime that aired from 1989 to 1990, the anticipation is high for what Netflix will bring to this iconic story.

Set to make its debut in November, Akuma Kun is a fitting addition to the spooky Halloween season, promising an animated horror series that delves into the darkness to confront demons. Let’s delve into the details, from its release date to the latest countdown trailer.

Announced in 2021, the wait is nearly over as Akuma Kun is set to join the roster of exciting November releases. The series, deeply rooted in the spooky atmosphere of Halloween, invites viewers to immerse themselves in a tale of animated horror as a peculiar young boy endeavors to save the world from conflict, strife, and hunger with the aid of some unlikely, demonic allies. The question remains: will he succeed?

Maintaining the essence of the original manga, Akuma Kun features a child prodigy known as Akuma-kun, who emerges once every 10,000 years. Encircled by demons drawn from myths and folk stories worldwide, the series weaves a narrative of dark magic and supernatural elements.

Akuma Kun stands as one of the four commemoration projects celebrating the 100th anniversary of Shigeru Mizuki’s birth. Despite the legendary manga artist’s passing in 2015, his legacy lives on, inspiring audiences globally. The series boasts a stellar cast and production crew, led by Junichi Sato, renowned for the Aria franchise and Sailor Moon, returning as chief director. Sato’s prior involvement with the TV anime adaptation and its two films ensures the Netflix series will capture the magical essence of its predecessors.

Presented by Toei Animation, known for Sailor Moon Eternal and Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, and produced by Encourage Films, founded by ex-Gonzo producer Toyo Ikeda and director Fumitoshi Oizaki, Akuma Kun benefits from an exceptional team.

Netflix has steadily built excitement around the Akuma Kun universe, starting with the first teaser trailer in May 2023, followed by another in August. The streaming platform has released a series of “countdown” videos, with the initial one premiering on October 30.

Akuma Kun, a timeless classic, finds a new life on Netflix, offering a gateway for a new generation to immerse themselves in Shigeru Mizaki’s enchanting world through this thrilling series. Are you ready to witness the premiere of Akuma Kun on November 9th? We certainly are.


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