007 Road to a Million 2023 tv series review

Caution, 007, there’s a new spy in town. From the masterminds behind the iconic James Bond film franchise emerges the adventure-packed contest series, 007: Road To A Million. Hosted and narrated by Brian Cox, this epic journey brings together nine pairs of contestants on a global quest, fueled by the dream of securing a £1 million prize.

The twist? Contestants must navigate a series of challenges inspired by James Bond, set against the backdrop of renowned 007 film locations, including the Scottish Highlands, the enchanting streets of Venice, and the majestic Swiss Alps. With conquest-worthy challenges and questions demanding answers, a single misstep could spell the end of their mission.

007: Road To A Million makes its grand debut on Prime Video on November 10, 2023. As the streaming home for 24 of the 25 James Bond titles (with Spectre being the only exception not available for free), Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy streaming their favorite Bond movies alongside the thrill of this exciting new series.


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