Yubisaki to Renren 2024 tv series trailer

Yuki Itose, a university student with a hearing impairment, has lived a life enveloped in silence since birth. Her interactions with the world have been limited, revolving primarily around her long-time friend, Rin Fujishiro. However, her routine takes an unexpected turn during her daily commute when she encounters Itsuomi Nagi, a silver-haired and multilingual individual who happens to be a mutual friend of Rin. What sets Itsuomi apart is his unwavering acceptance of Yuki’s impairment, a quality born out of his diverse experiences abroad. This unique perspective captivates and deeply touches Yuki, sparking the beginning of a transformative connection.

As Yuki and Itsuomi part ways after their initial meeting, a subtle yet profound shift occurs within Yuki. Her feelings for Itsuomi begin to blossom, and a newfound world begins to unfold for both of them as they delve into the exploration of each other’s distinctly different lives. Itsuomi’s ability to see beyond Yuki’s hearing impairment becomes a catalyst for a meaningful connection, and the unfolding story promises to reveal the intricate layers of their lives, creating a poignant narrative of understanding, acceptance, and the discovery of a new world.


By acinetv