Your Lucky Day 2023 movie review

It’s impossible to discuss the thriller “Your Lucky Day” without acknowledging the late, talented Angus Cloud. Known for his outstanding role in the series “Euphoria,” Cloud, who tragically passed away in July at the young age of 25, showcased his acting prowess in one of his final projects, now receiving a wide release.

Premiering at this year’s Fantastic Fest, writer-director Daniel Brown’s “Your Lucky Day” serves as a platform for Cloud, allowing him to take center stage in a scrappy showcase. Set at a single location, the film gives Cloud the space to shine, accentuated by a willingness to let moments linger, a departure from the brisk pace typical of many thrillers. The narrative unfolds on an ordinary Christmas Eve, altering the life of Sterling (played by Cloud), a young man facing continuous setbacks.

After a failed drug deal, Sterling, desperate for money, stumbles upon a convenience store where a wealthy man wins a $156 million lottery ticket. Sterling, armed and desperate, decides to rob him. Unbeknownst to him, a cop in the bathroom intervenes, leading to a series of events involving multiple characters, including the store owner Amir (Mousa Hussein Kraish) and the couple Abraham (Elliot Knight) and pregnant Ana (Jessica Garza). They agree to cover up the incident and split the money, but the task is more challenging than anticipated.

Expanding on Brown’s earlier short film of the same name, the initial deadly heist transforms into a reflective thriller, offering a parable of economic insecurity and the extremes ordinary people go to find stability. Cloud’s portrayal of Sterling is impactful, delivering blunt yet effective lines that reveal the character’s harsh reality. As the story unfolds, the tension builds, grounded in the characters’ lives and their willingness to risk everything for financial stability.

The film takes an unexpected turn in its conclusion, placing Garza’s character, Ana, at the forefront. In a Die Hard-esque scenario, Ana becomes the driving force, holding off unexpected intruders. Garza’s performance ties the film together, showcasing her ability to piece together the breadcrumbs left throughout the narrative. Yet, even amidst the excitement, the film doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of survival in this intense situation.

“Your Lucky Day” transcends the label of a typical thriller, delving into the cutthroat nature of survival in a world where everyone seems to be stealing something from one another. The film challenges the audience to consider whether this state of being is truly so far-fetched.


By acinetv