The Saint of Second Chances 2023 movie reviewThe Saint of Second Chances. (L to R) Rebecca Veeck and Mike Veeck in The Saint of Second Chances. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Netflix made a buzzworthy announcement on Wednesday by unveiling the trailer for their upcoming documentary, “The Saint of Second Chances.” This highly anticipated documentary is co-directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville and Jeff Malmberg. Narrated by the acclaimed actor Jeff Daniels, the documentary is all set to make its debut on Netflix on September 19, 2023.

At the heart of “The Saint of Second Chances” lies the intriguing story of Mike Veeck, whose life unfolds against the backdrop of his father, the legendary Hall of Fame baseball owner, Bill Veeck. The Veeck name is synonymous with both reverence and notoriety in the realm of professional baseball, thanks to their pioneering efforts in introducing unparalleled entertainment to ballparks. This encompassed a gamut of exciting features such as giveaways, themed nights, fireworks extravaganzas, and more.

However, the Veeck legacy took an unexpected turn when Mike Veeck inadvertently triggered a seismic shift that sent shockwaves through his father’s career. This disruption led to his exile from the very game that he held dear. Despite the immense setback, the younger Veeck embarked on a remarkable journey spanning several decades, starting from the depths of despair, with an unwavering determination to redeem himself.

What initially began as a quest to restore the tarnished family legacy gradually transformed into a profound opportunity for Mike Veeck to rediscover and rekindle his appreciation for the complexities of family dynamics. This transformation was catalyzed by a piece of distressing news that unexpectedly altered the course of his life.

“The Saint of Second Chances” promises to be a compelling and deeply human exploration of Mike Veeck’s tumultuous journey, brimming with emotional twists and turns. It serves as a testament to the enduring power of redemption and the resilience of the human spirit. This documentary, with its stellar team of directors and the resonant narration of Jeff Daniels, is poised to captivate audiences and offer a profound glimpse into the intricate world of baseball, family bonds, and the enduring pursuit of second chances.


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