The River Wild 2023 movie

Get ready for a thrilling and treacherous whitewater rafting experience in the latest preview of the film “River Wild.” Meet Gray and Joey, played by Taran Killam and Leighton Meester, a brother-sister duo who love each other but harbor deep distrust. Joining them on this adventurous journey are two tourists and their childhood friend, Trevor, portrayed by Adam Brody.

The official synopsis reveals that their adrenaline-pumping excursion turns into a nightmare when the group becomes stranded in raging rapids. What started as an exciting trip quickly spirals into a terrifying struggle for survival, with someone seemingly bent on sabotaging the expedition to keep shocking secrets hidden. To endure the perilous river, Joey must confront her fears, and everyone must tap into their killer instincts to escape deception on board the raft and the havoc unleashed by the deadly waters.

The process of making the movie brought the principal cast closer together, as they all share a special bond. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, who are married in real life, have worked together before, as have Taran Killam and Adam Brody, who were previously on the ABC sitcom “Single Parents” together. This camaraderie created a supportive environment during the challenging filming process.

Shooting took place in various picturesque locations, such as Hungary, Slovakia, and Bosnia, with the cast exposed to the elements, enduring heat, cold water, and racing rapids. Despite the emotional challenges, having such close relationships among the cast made every moment enjoyable and comforting for Meester.

While Meester and Brody were wary of taking the tense source material home with them, they found that their intimacy and trust allowed them to navigate the difficult scenes together. In a lighthearted manner, Brody admits that he enjoyed the scenes where he had to chase Meester through the woods at full speed.

On a humorous note, Killam, married to Cobie Smulders from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pokes fun at his wife’s action film experience, boasting about his physical preparation for the role. He trained at an Olympic whitewater facility in Slovakia, giving him an edge over her in the action department.

The new film is a reimagining of the 1994 thriller starring Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep. Directed by Ben Ketai, known for “StartUp” and “Chosen,” this version brings forth a more intimate and gritty story with tension among the characters generating the drama, rather than relying solely on external circumstances.

“River Wild” promises a nail-biting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s set to be released on Digital, Blu-ray™, and DVD on Aug. 1, courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Brace yourself for an unforgettable and heart-pounding experience on the wild river.


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