The Passenger 2023 tv movie review

The Passenger offers a thrilling and emotional ride, complemented by powerful lead acting performances, which ultimately save the movie from some pacing issues.

The film follows Benson, played by Kyle Gallner, who takes his co-worker Bradley (Johnny Berchtold) on an unexpected journey after a snap at work. As Benson helps Bradley confront those who wronged him, their intense and awkward relationship becomes the focal point of the story.

Gallner and Berchtold’s acting shines throughout, delivering convincing chemistry and making the emotional and terrifying scenes truly impactful. Their performances anchor the movie, keeping viewers engaged and invested.

The movie’s pacing is mostly well-executed, running at a suitable ninety minutes for the genre. However, there are a few scenes that feel drawn out, slightly affecting the overall flow. With tighter editing, the movie could have reached even greater heights.

As the story revolves around the two leads, the supporting characters play a significant but secondary role. While the actors excel, there are instances where even their talent can’t rescue overly extended scenes.

While not entirely unpredictable, The Passenger still builds tension effectively, leading to a climactic moment that ties the narrative together. Bradley’s exploration of his past and the unfolding secrets intensify the viewer’s anticipation.

The film’s standout scene outside the diner towards the end is a testament to the exceptional lead performances, making The Passenger a chilling and worthwhile exploration of mental illness and life’s transformative events.


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