The Nun II 2023 movie review

The Conjuring Universe has consistently delivered spine-tingling scares to horror enthusiasts, and it’s back with its latest offering, The Nun 2, hitting theaters on September 8. This sequel continues the eerie tale introduced in the 2018 film, The Nun, a spin-off from the main Conjuring series. Directed by Micheal Chaves, the film picks up where its predecessor left off.

The Nun featured a chilling battle against evil in a mysterious, gothic setting, and The Nun 2 seamlessly continues the narrative. The cast includes Storm Reid, Jonas Bloquet, Anna Popplewell, and Katelyn Rose Downey, with Reid portraying a young woman possessed by Valak.

Early reviews for The Nun 2 are in, and those who have seen it seem to be thoroughly impressed. Some are hailing it as the scariest installment in the Conjuring Universe, while others are confident that it surpasses the first film’s horror expectations.

Prominent figures in the industry took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the movie. One review states, “The Nun 2 is infinitely better than the first film. It’s scarier and much more intense. This is what I wanted out of the first one, which was too heavy and bogged down with lore. Now, we get to have FUN with this terrifying villain. Stay for the mid-credit scene!”

Another tweet reads, “#nun2 is a fun and creepy good time at the theater. The cast is solid and the visuals are dark and moody. I get happy chills every time I see the nun appear on the screen.” It’s described as a masterclass in sound, lighting, perspective, and pacing that will elevate audience anxiety to the max.

A review enthuses, “Pleased to say #Nun2 is a big improvement over the first film. Bigger, better, and scarier, with a much more solid story. It does potentially break some Conjuring canon. But I had a blast! One of my favorites in the #Conjuring series thus far! -Mike M.”

The film is lauded as a must-watch and lives up to the hype surrounding its scares. One review declares, “#TheNun2 is a fun ride! While we still are in the world of religious lore, the film is filled with more fun and scares. The ending is satisfying, and the mid-credit scene makes it all worth it. Definitely go see it.”

Another review notes a cool trend in the Conjuring Universe where sequels tend to outshine their predecessors: “Cool trend that holds true for the Conjuring Universe: sequels tend to be better than the originals. The Conjuring 2 is better than The Conjuring; both Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home are better than Annabelle, and now I can confirm The Nun 2 is better than The Nun.”

The characters in the film also receive praise, with one review highlighting, “#thenun2 is a super solid horror sequel. It’s got two good stories that intersect into a fantastic third act, which is amazing until it loses focus just a bit right at the end. That misstep aside, it’s got awesome scary effects, and Sister Irene is legit a legend.”

It appears that horror fans are in for a terrifying treat based on these glowing reviews. The Nun 2 joins The Conjuring Universe, which began in 2013 and features films inspired by real-life cases investigated by paranormal duo Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Conjuring Universe boasts hits like Annabelle, The Nun, and The Conjuring, some of which have made significant waves at the box office.


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