The Good Bad Mother 2023 tv series review

About The Good Bad Mother TV Series
Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) is a single mother and pig farmer who has raised her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) alone. Despite her love for him, Kang Ho sees her as a bad mother due to her strict parenting.

Young-Soon (Ra Mi-Ran) is a single mother and runs a pig farm. She raised her son Kang-Ho alone. Young-Soon made herself into a bad mother and was strict with Kang-Ho, because she didn’t want him to become like her.

Now, Kang-Ho (Lee Do-Hyun) is all grown up. He works as a prosecutor and has a cold-hearted personality. While pursuing his career and holding his own secret, he turned away his mother Young-Soon. One day, Kang-Ho has an unexpected accident and becomes like a child. He moves back to his hometown and begins a new life with his bad mother Young-Soon. Meanwhile, Mi-Joo (Ahn Eun-Jin) is Kang-Ho’s childhood friend. She has a warm heart and is the type of person who can’t walk away from injustice. She meets Kang-Ho again, who has become like a child, and her life changes.


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