The Girls on the Bus 2024 tv series review

“The Girls on the Bus” is a gripping ten-episode series on Max, chronicling the journey of four female journalists on the campaign trail for the Democratic National Convention. The central figure is Sadie (played by Melissa Benoist), a hopeful reporter from the New York Sentinel, returning to the fray after a public meltdown during the previous primaries. Alongside her is Grace (Carla Gugino), an experienced campaign reporter from the Washington Union, and Kimberlyn (Christina Elmore), a Republican correspondent for Liberty News, akin to a Fox-like network. The quartet is completed by Lola (Natasha Behnam), a Gen-Z influencer who balances covering the trail on TikTok with sponsored content and critiques of the patriarchy.

As the primaries unfold over weeks, each journalist faces personal and professional challenges. However, the series shines brightest when they come together, supporting each other amidst debates on feminism, journalistic bias, and more. Through their interactions, they learn to set aside differences and collaborate on reporting the realities of the political landscape. The ensemble cast includes Brandon Scott, Griffin Dunne, Scott Foley, Mark Consuelos, Becky Ann Baker, and Cole Escola in supporting and guest roles.

Premiering with the first two episodes on March 14, subsequent episodes air weekly until the finale on May 9. With an average runtime of under 42 minutes, the show offers digestible storytelling. Created by former New York Times journalist Amy Chozick and television producer Julie Plec, and inspired by Chozick‚Äôs memoir “Chasing Hillary,” the series pays homage to the journalistic classic “The Boys on the Bus.” Rina Mimoun, known for her work on “Superman & Lois” and “Pushing Daisies,” serves as showrunner, with production by Berlanti Productions.

While originally conceived for other networks, “The Girls on the Bus” brings a refreshing energy reminiscent of past hits like “The Bold Type” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” balancing entertainment with substance. It navigates the serious realm of political journalism with levity, featuring surreal moments like Scott Foley’s Magic Mike-esque performance and appearances by the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson. Despite the challenges facing the journalism industry, the series manages to capture the excitement and dedication of its protagonists, offering an engaging escape into the world of political reporting.


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