The Big D 2023 tv series review

What happens when your ex “I do” finds a new boo?

Get ready to find out on new reality dating series The Big D, which has been picked up by USA after it was dropped by TBS. Former Bachelorette stars and success story JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers serve as hosts for the addition to USA’s “Hump Day” programming.

Six divorced couples will be sent to Costa Rica to find love after devastating heart break. The only catch is that they’ll be doing it right besides their ex. They’ll have their pick at the other divorcées in the house or they can opt to fight for the love they once had with their now ex-husband or wife.

Dating in a picturesque tropical villa seems to always strike a nerve, but emotions will run especially deep for these couples. They’ll have to endure seeing the previous love of their life swap stories (and spit) with a new flame.

Fletcher and Rodgers will be joined by resident relationship expert Dr. Jada Jackson to help guide the divorcées in finding inner peace, closure from their previous relationship, and connections with the other singles. To do so, they’ll compete in “ex-ercises.” Winning one will get them a romantic date and safety from the upcoming elimination.

Some might try and send their ex home during the elimination ceremony, others may fight for their ex to stay. In the end, the singles will decide who isn’t relationship material and vote them out.

Besides the prospect of finding love again, the final couple in a committed relationship will receive a prize of $50,000.

In each episode, one person “who isn’t relationship material” will be eliminated.

The Big D was previously shelved at TBS just weeks ahead of its proposed debut last July. “We are grateful to JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and the executive producers of Big D for their partnership through the process.”

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