The Bad Guys

Embracing the holiday season with their signature mischief, The Bad Guys now have a festive treat for fans in the form of a holiday special. Although the animation doesn’t reach the polished standards of the full-length film, and the introduction of a new voice cast may initially disorient fans, the special proves to be an enjoyable addition to the franchise.

Running at a concise twenty-two minutes, “The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday” unfolds before the events of The Bad Guys film, showcasing the gang’s scheming for the ultimate holiday heist. Yet, when their plans go awry, they must adapt swiftly to salvage their festive caper.

Typical of made-for-television shorts, the absence of the original star-studded cast voicing the characters is noticeable. Whether due to budget constraints or prior commitments, the result is a cast of new voices attempting to replicate the familiar tones. The hit-or-miss nature of this mimicry can be distracting, occasionally hitting the mark but often veering off-course.

Despite the animation not reaching the same level of refinement seen in the feature film, it maintains The Bad Guys’ distinctive style while adopting a simpler approach. Certain scenes underscore this simplicity more noticeably than others.

Where the special truly excels is in its storytelling. Tailored perfectly for the mischief-prone Bad Guys, the narrative emphasizes that this tale unfolds before the gang’s transformation in the film. This allows for a rollicking adventure, with the Bad Guys navigating unforeseen challenges and undertaking unexpected actions to salvage their heist.

The conclusion delivers humor that aligns seamlessly with the characters, particularly resonating with fans familiar with the books and film. Overall, “The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday” falls somewhere between not bad and not exceptional. It serves as a delightful addition to the franchise, likely to be enjoyed repeatedly by younger fans seeking a dose of holiday cheer—a purpose for which it seems expressly designed.

Synopsis: In this prequel adventure to the feature film, the Bad Guys revel in the joy of Christmas morning, seizing the opportune moment for their city-wide holiday heist. However, when Christmas faces an unexpected cancellation, the Bad Guys find themselves compelled to perform an unthinkable act: revive the city’s holiday spirit by giving instead of taking. Based on the DreamWorks Animation feature film, The Bad Guys.


By acinetv